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Helping out friends in The Pyrate Communities [Jun. 12th, 2007|01:15 pm]
The Pyrates Way
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Aye Mates,

I try not to email you too often about advertising in the Pyrates Way.  I usually just send out "feelers" on a monthly basis.

However, something major has changed in our Pyrate community in a big way and we've had to redesign a major article in our Summer issue to compensate.

PyrateCon2008 will be managed by a new group of folks instead of the IPS who attempted to run the conference this year.

The new management has already hired an event coordinator and that of itself is an incredibly positive step toward making the event better, stronger, and more fun.

To support this new group of folks, The Pyrates Way will give a full one-page advertisement to promote the event in every issue of the magazine until the event and then cover said event in our pages.

We're a wonderful community of businessmen, re-enactors, pyrates, and people.  If you were a vendor at PyrateCon2007 or will be in 2008, we will give you a 1/4 page advertisement wrapped around our PyrateCon2007 recap for only $200.

We have a limited space as of this time as we were about to go to press, but we'll put the mechanics of it all on hold in order to support the folks who supported each other (and us).

If you're interested in grabbing this last-minute deal, please email me at: publisher@pyratesway.com and I'll send you the link to get your adspace secured.

May your powder always be dry,

Steve "The Black Fox" Kimball
Publisher, The Pyrates Way magazine