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PW Autumn Update [Oct. 17th, 2007|01:05 am]
The Pyrates Way
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The Autumn issue be at press mates and I should be approving the proofs tomorrow. It takes a few days to print. . . a few more in the bindery. . .then they ship out to the distributor and to us. M'wife and I do all the subscriptions by hand and your booty will be mailed separately this time. . . . because of it's size and bulk.

After all, it bein' our first year of success, we thought we'd share a bit of the booty with ye by giving you a nice piece piece that you can add to yer pyratin' garb and always think of us!

The Autumn issue be EIGHTY-FOUR pages this time. . .that's a full 20 pages bigger than any other issue. . .just to show our appreciation for your kind attendance to our magazine.

All we ask is if one of those advertisers therein be catchin' yer eye. . . please let 'em know you saw 'em in The Pyrates Way! Them thar advertisers is what keeps the magazine price from being raised and the quality of it kept so high!

Be on the lookout for "Savvy" a new (but obviously recognizable) character in this issue's "Grim Lookout" comic, as he appears throughout the margins of the later half of the issue. . . they breed like Tribbles,,, so I'm told.

The Winter issue will be back to the normal 64 pages but we've got great stuff in store for ye. . . as we take a step back in time and look at the pyrate toys we had as kids! Tis a late-holiday tread due out the beginning of January, mates.

Keep yer powder dry, says I,

Steve "The Black Fox" Kimball
Publisher, The Pyrates Way magazine