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Autumn's Booty: The Ring Of THE PHANTOM! [Oct. 29th, 2007|06:56 pm]
The Pyrates Way
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I'm getting phone calls and emails from subscribers all over the planet as everyone seems to really love the Phantom rings that have all been mailed! If you haven't gotten yours yet. . .you will this week as the balance of them were dropped off at the post office at 2:30 pm today!

If you got your ring, please let me know by posting here and if you think it was a good booty choice! The ring is actually a hint as to one of the features in the Autumn issue: The Phantom!. .. the only super hero to avidly go after pyrates as his main nemesis!

Magazines are on their way to us as we speak and subscriptions go out just as soon as we have them. All the postage is bought, the labels attached, and the envelopes ready to mail!

We're just a tad excited as this is our biggest and best issue ever!