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Winter Pyrates Way almost Sold Out! [Feb. 18th, 2008|08:53 pm]
The Pyrates Way
We're down to two 64-magazine boxes of inventory for the Winter issue! OMG. . . we had a rush for Summer. . .so we bought an über-amount for Autumn. . .and although it was an expanded issue, it didn't do as well as we expected so we cut back a bit on the Winter order.

Winter may be the very first issue since the premiere issue that we have to order a second printing!

I really think it's all the PyrateCon stuff that's selling these things so fast. . . . heck the distributor has had them only for six days and already put in an order for a bunch more!

Huzzzah to m'fellow pirates for making us the #1 Selling independent magazine for two of our distributors. . . it's YOU that get the applause, mates.

Thank You.